Friday, April 15, 2011

Gowanus Ballroom

Gowanus Ballroom was an amazing show! The day after "a Light in the Basement", well actually durring the basement show we were beginning to setup for Gowanus. The show was a compilation of many large scale installation artists, performers, painters, and sculptors around the board. My performance/sculpture took place upstairs in our "Rabid Hands" section, with Adriana, Andrew P, Ben, Heidi, Nick, Serra, Vanessa and many others helping out. We built Vanessa's massive "Dream Creature", Serra's towering treehouse, Nick's undulating igloos(complete with open bonfire for marshmallows), Heidi's death defying 60ft cove letters, Ben's cascading arches, Andrew P's elegant light boxes and Adriana's dexterous double extension arm Bruce Lee-azer painting, all culminating into an unforgettable "lose yourself" experience, leaving anyone who darred experience, terrified yet pleasantly reminiscent of childhood exploration and experimentation. What a blast!

Opening Night!

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