Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"The Harness of Chaosynchronous"

Photo:Adriana Atema

Andrew Schrock "The Harness of Chaosynchronous" 

January, New Orleans at Parse Gallery, 
exhibition of the solo and collaboration
featuring Andrew Schrock and Rabid Hands

Monday, September 5, 2011

Deep in Secret Lands

Hello to all, please accept this cryptic message explaining that my current endeavours are unable to be published on the internet. If you are curious please don't hesitate to call or email me, I'd love to talk about all the amazing times and projects!
Media Release - 11.11.11

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gowanus Ballroom

Gowanus Ballroom was an amazing show! The day after "a Light in the Basement", well actually durring the basement show we were beginning to setup for Gowanus. The show was a compilation of many large scale installation artists, performers, painters, and sculptors around the board. My performance/sculpture took place upstairs in our "Rabid Hands" section, with Adriana, Andrew P, Ben, Heidi, Nick, Serra, Vanessa and many others helping out. We built Vanessa's massive "Dream Creature", Serra's towering treehouse, Nick's undulating igloos(complete with open bonfire for marshmallows), Heidi's death defying 60ft cove letters, Ben's cascading arches, Andrew P's elegant light boxes and Adriana's dexterous double extension arm Bruce Lee-azer painting, all culminating into an unforgettable "lose yourself" experience, leaving anyone who darred experience, terrified yet pleasantly reminiscent of childhood exploration and experimentation. What a blast!

Opening Night!

A Light in the Basement

A Light in the Basement an Art show of over 20 artists helping pull funds for ShowPaper... An awesome project to be part of directly after the west coast, and return to more familiar and loving faces. After arriving on an 8am redeye from SF, this event was scheduled to open at 6pm. Ben and I hit the ground running, gathering all of our memorabilia, trinkets, tools, and tattered clothing from the past adventure with our tugboats and freight trains, then we adorned the walls with our knickknacks, projected a slideshow/videos and had a wonderful painting installed when we arrived by the fantastic Heidi Tullman! Everything came together spectacular seconds before the doors opened.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Off to Portland!

Update 2/12:
Waiting on standby in Denver right now... I'm flying out to Portland with Ben (Wolf) for a massive sculpture project... In short, we're going to be chopping apart discarded industrial materials and equipment, like freight trains, boats, planes, trucks, etc, and re-welding them into sculpture.
More to come... Much more!
Here's a pic from my supply-sac:

(More Pics)
(RAW Photo Stream)

Update 2/14:
1st train site!

Update 2/15:
Awesome Exploration Day...

Update 2/16-17:
Toby hooked us up with a train... Prineville!

 Boat we got from Ruth, (the sweetest lady I've ever met)

Update 2/18:

Update 2/20:

Update 2/21-25:

More Jammer days!
no time to blog! here's a quickie

Update 2/26:
Tug is officially chopped!

Update 3/9
Super busy in the best way!
Here's a quick recap;
We chopped a train, chopped a tug, put them into box trucks, brought them to a parking-lot,
camped out there for the next week,
 assembled the freight and boat into their re-configurations, 
got a forklift, picked up the pieces and brought them to Reed campus, 
Assembled them, 
Welded, chopped and polished, partied! and now we're taking it down!

Update: 3/10-19
We've disassembled the sculpture! everyone was so sad to see it leave... a few tears, but happy tears :.) for Reed it became sort of a sculptural Mandala, here and beautiful for a fleeting moment then blown of into the ether. Now it's moved to our campsite... off to bed finally! <3
Rachel Made an awesome Time-lapse of the teardown!

Pouring rain! Classic Portland, We're loading up the flatbed and happy trails to Oakland, CA!
We've met so many amazing characters this adventure and Bob the flatbed driver is one of those insane entities that really just keep you going, it was pouring rain the whole 6hrs we were loading and he was there partying with us the whole time, soaked and stoked!


Here we are in sunny Oakland, unladed the truck and awaiting approval for the final build!

Project in full swing today buddy! It's so awesome finally being able to start really moving on the art! After all the all nighters in PDX, all night drives, logistics and whatever else decides to step in our path. It's an amazing feeling to have it all be the adventure of what you love! <3 everyone!
...forklifts... yes.

American Steel has awesome Art studios that they've let us use for a few days to work out of the rain and use CRAAAANES! we're so responsible with them...

Cami; we taught her to weld and cut in a few minutes, a natural for sure, thanks girl!

Yea! The final piece in it's new home!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sequence of Waves

Hope y'all made it out to St. Cecilia's convent for Sequence of Waves!

It was an amazing experience, and an honor to participate in! 

Sequence of Waves was put on by "Rabid Hands Collective" and had 40+ artists who converted Brooklyn St. Cecilia's decommissioned convent into a giant sound, sculpture and multimedia installation. Utilizing virtually every inch of the space... Music performances both live and automated, mobile and interactive sculpture in side of every room, hallway, and even bathrooms. Even a chopped apart sea vessel, re-welded back together towering throughout 4 stories of stairwells, and a mini Baba-Yaga-esque house on the top floor acting as a whimsical penthouse that you walked through to encounter even more rooms like a giant cardboard egg/womb that you needed to crawl on you knees to enter... and that's just the tip of the story.

Here's some pictures and explanations:

"Metaphysical Communication Device"
The viewer could peer through a lens and scan symbols wheat pasted across three hallways in the abandoned convent. The Symbols were scripted by Andrew and passing artists from the installation during meditation sessions throughout the week leading up to the event.
The piece is activated by a theramin equipped with a trinket of metal voodoo from the building as the sensor for distortions in the lateral patterns of the device.
The electrical pulses were then fed wirelessly to a series of circuits in order to convert the patterns into stereo sound enveloping the viewer in an auditory experience relating directly to the input of the device. 

Cleanup after all the wheat paste!

The Baba-Yaga-esque house, all made from recycled materials, and Serra Victoria Bothwell Fel's eclectic trinkets from around the world made this a truly magical and enchanting space, complete with cellar, bedroom, kitchen? who knows, it was rad!

Ben Wolf's sculpture that was all parts from a beached ship that he chopped apart and re-welded into the four stories of stairwell, plus had a performance of dancers climbing all over up, down, around, inside and out of the beautiful wreckage!

These were just a few of the installations, check out the websites and all of everyone who participated!
One of the most amazing things about the show was the community of artists involved, everyone helped each other with all the projects, performances, install and cleanup. Thanks everyone, I love you all!

The participating artists were: Adriana Atema, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Alex Drewchin, Terence Caulkins, Skye Chamberlain, Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Ryan Chin, G. Lucas Crane, Jesse Cronan, Vanessa Cronan, Alex Drewchin, Jan Drojarski, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Jessica Findley, Paul Gallasch, Lillian Gerson, Kendall Glover, Jesse Gold, George Graham, Doktor Greg, James Haddrill, Gaylen Hamilton, Maya Hayuk, Travis Iurato, Elijah Kast, Victoria Keddie, Jesse Kreuzer, Taylor Kuffner, Roberto Lange, Lopi LaRoe, Steven Ma, Lili Maya, Zelijko McMullen, Steven Milton, Rob Minervini, Caleb Mitchell, Ben Mortimer, Kelly Nicholson, Ryan O’Connor, Brian Osborne, Mike O’Toole, Brandon Perry, Zach Poff, Nandan Rao, Allen Riley, John Roach, James Rouvelle, Amanda Salane, Andrew Schrock, Isabella Scott, Tod Seelie, Ben Simon, Phillip Stearns, Martyna Szcz, Heidi Tullmann, Volatile Blossom, Emily Willis, Ben Wolf, Nick Yulman, Tyler Zwiep.